Educational Benefits

“Experience is Everything”

educational.jpgA college education in the U.S. is a dream held by many here in China. Picture your son or daughter having that dream. Will they be prepared? Will they be qualified? Will they be suited for the cultural differences? We at Stateside Adventures certainly hope so, yet would you be interested in improving their chances of future admittance?

Resume Building

Assimilation and accrued experiences are possibly the most important factors to U.S. university admission officers. As your child writes his/her personal statements, how may they demonstrate their cultural flexibility? Early exposure to the American continent and substantial experiences in the U.S. are a key possibility in improving this quality. Through the American Sleep Away experience, foreign children every summer & winter are making themselves future advantaged applicants. We at Stateside Adventures plan on being the facilitators of this unique opportunity to help youth in China expand their horizons and improve their cultural development.

educational2.jpgThere are many cultural and educational tourism programs in existence today. Annually, thousands of Chinese participants take advantage of these programs and gain access to the United States. But what distinguishes these programs simply besides cost? Additionally, are these programs worthwhile? We must ask ourselves how much actual interaction the Chinese participants have with their American counterparts during these programs. It seems not enough bilateral communication opportunities are provided for the tourists on these trips, which takes away from the overall experience and expected benefits.

Building a Network

China is looking for a better outlet beyond typical American English training programs and mundane college visits. We can provide your child with an immersive cultural experience: living, eating, and breathing American youth culture- just short of being an American! A unique program which we promise will heighten your child’s cultural awareness and distinguish them from their academic counterparts when comes time for their college essays. Most importantly, your child is BUILDING A NETWORK. Creating a group of friends in the United States in which both sides mutually benefit. Both may act as resources when the other wishes to travel, work, or apply for study in their best friend's home country. Need a recommendation letter? Try asking your Camp Counselor, your Camp director, or your Camp friends' Dads!

Having already listed the future educational benefits, the participant will also obtain:

  • Social skills in an American environment
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Immersive and practical English training
  • Self-confidence building
  • Lifelong relationships with American counterparts
  • Outdoor activity adventures
  • Team building exercises
  • American cultural understanding

Now, imagine you are a US university admissions officer looking through the list of Chinese foreign student applicants. What separates this applicant from the other?

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