Child Development

childdevelopment.jpgToday’s children live very ordered lives. Throughout the year they are told what to do, what to study, which instrument to practice, and then onto the next activity; enabling them to learn how to multi task while gaining a variety of knowledge. As undoubtedly important educational after school programs are, our children still need an outlet where they can learn to be children and gain the social experiences needed to help them communicate effectively and become the well-rounded young adults we want them to be.

Camp can be this outlet. At camp, children discover who they are. They discover who their peers are. They develop compassion and understanding. They discover their true strengths and weaknesses. They discover their friend’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to help or commend them. They become dependable, reliant individuals. They tackle obstacles placed at their feet. At Camp they are allowed to take safe risks and encounter new challenges which require “thinking outside the box”.

A Phillip Research Associates’ survey interviewing over 5000 camp families from 92 random American camps showed:

  • 93% of campers say “Camp helped me get to know kids who are different from me”
  • 92% of campers say “People at camp made me feel good about myself”
  • 74% of campers say “At camp, I did things I was scared to do at first”
  • 80% of parents say “My child gained self-confidence at camp”
  • 69% of parents say “My child remains in contact with friends made at camp"

(Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association. ©2005 American Camping Association, Inc.)

At camp, interaction is key. Your child will have the chance to interact with American peers his or her own age. Not only does camp diffuse cultural boundaries, but it allows them to understand each other on a more personal level; placing everyone on an even field. Your child will also have the opportunity to build relationships with positive adult role models. Camps across America strictly employ adults who love working with children and who wish to work with children for the rest of their lives. Not only does camp serve as a platform for children of all backgrounds to interact with each other, but also as a place to learn from adults you look up to.

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