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The Stateside Adventure’s "Stateside Basketball Academy".

Here at Stateside Adventure’s Stateside Basketball Academy (SBA), our basketball camps are run and organized as camps are in the U.S. A coaches are all experienced and have 20 years of combined experience-teaching kids in both the U.S.A and China. We know what it takes to physically and mentally challenge our students.

/sites/default/files/baketball_-_mini_camp.jpgAt SBA your child will not be put into an unfocused, non-progressive basketball class. Our objective based program encourages individual growth and a sense of accomplishment through challenging and rigorous basketball training. Children are not only put into age and skill appropriate classes; their skills are also measured to gauge progress! When class is over our job doesn’t stop. We continually look at our videoed classes to see how we can improve our own, as well as the students’ competence. Upon successful completion of one level, kids graduate to a higher and increasingly demanding tier within our program.

Our curriculum is also designed to be team based. Kids will forge lasting friendships while building their self-confidence. Our system is designed to improve your child’s coordination, strength, speed, agility, flexibility and mental understanding of basketball. Our courses are designed to promote leadership, communication, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. Space is limited. Call to reserve an appointment and experience the difference. We look forward to seeing you soon.


• Professional U.S. coaches with a combined 20 years of teaching experience in both the United States and China.

• Limited number of participants to ensure intensive personal attention。 No more than 15 students to 1 foreign coach。

• Kids will learn basic skills and be placed in age and skill appropriate level classes.

• Our course is progressive, which means we will measure the skill level of our students. As our kids’ skill level increases they will have the opportunity to graduate to a higher-level course that is even more demanding and rigorous.

• Focused methodology and goal oriented program. Our kids will be training with a purpose in mind. Once we feel that the students are ready, we will arrange friendly competitions with other teams.



• Our Program is designed to promote the physical and mental well being of the student. We will help to increase our student’s coordination, strength, speed, agility, flexibility and mental understanding of basketball.

• Our team focused system also promotes leadership, communication, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork

For more information please call 64173809 or talk to our on the court representative

We look forward to having you child be a member of the team.

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