Weight Loss Camp

5_295_3897.jpgA healthy lifestyle remains to be an integral part of a long existence. However developing the proper knowledge and desire to stay healthy is an individual undertaking. We at Stateside Adventures acknowledge this necessity to stay in shape and feel it is important to learn this at an early age.

In large Chinese cities where fast food culture has become quite common, curbing obesity can be difficult. Growing trends of child obesity in China illuminate this issue which is why we offer Stateside Adventures accredited Weight Loss Camps.

5_341_5837.jpgOffering the same amount of activities as Traditional Camp, Weight Loss Camps in America are award winning and proven result-driven programs where your child develops good nutritional habits in a fun and nurturing environment. We only offer America’s top quality weight loss programs where your child or teen will develop a positive self-image, lose weight, gain confidence, build everlasting friendships, and have high English communication immersion.

Stateside Adventures Weight Loss Camps combine athletics, adventure activities, calisthenics, and fitness with healthy eating and nutritional education. This uniquely American tradition of weight loss camp makes healthy living fun and helps transform your child into a nutrition conscious individual.

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