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Jareds-and-Gabriel-in-ski-boat.jpgWhat children may think of as impossible is often defined by psychological rather than physical limitations. Traditional camps offer activities that show children the amazing things they are capable of achieving. Traditional camps are places where they can leave their comfort zone and take healthy risks with both emotional and physical “safety nets” in place to catch them.

At camp children develop the life skills that universities around the world are looking for, more so than just high grades. Although grades are a key factor in college acceptance, unique experiences that demonstrate one’s assimilation ability and global citizenship are equally if not more valuable.

IMG_5402.jpgDuring camp a sense of community is built creating self-confidence and instilling self-worth in each camper. Camp is one of the few places where dreams really do come true, by providing them with a safe place in which to explore and learn, a place where they can be themselves and discover who they want to be. A place where they can have the experiences that not only differentiates them from the competition but will transform them into the best people possible, the kind of people we would feel safe leaving our futures to. That is why here at Stateside we feel “Experience is Everything!”

Over the years camps have evolved from rugged wilderness training to more comfortable child development centers. Adopting minor military and strong Native American values has helped to make it a structured and enriching experience. Days spent hiking with friends and counselors, swimming, horseback riding or rock-climbing all disguise the English immersion style of learning and child development behind a fun adventure that your child will never forget!


Our Traditional camps all follow the same theme, providing a variety of activities. However some traditional camps often have specialties. For example, after using our consulting services we can match your child with a Traditional camp that has an excellent tennis training program, or another example could be going to camp registered with the National Archery Association. Some specific activities are more outstanding than others, which is how we help match your child with the best program suited for him/her.

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