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color-theory-oxbow-style-.jpgThe Arts is an important part of life. Not only is it for our entertainment, yet it is a platform where groups and individuals can demonstrate their distinct creative minds in the physical form. In China, art has a long history which has transcended generations, styles, and mediums. Throughout China exist a variety of artistic cultural hubs where one can cultivate their talent and perspective. Alternatively what we offer is an adventurous Art experience abroad in the United States.

Stateside Adventures Ltd Arts Camp encompasses visual arts – ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, fashion design, graphic design - and performance arts – music, theatre, dance, and film, among others.

Our offered camps are suited to fit your needs as a person and student of art. Ranging from highly acclaimed performance art camps with famous American actor alumni, to visual arts camps with a focus on painting, sculpture, design or others, all of our top quality camps follow the same theme in uniting children and teenagers in discovering themselves and their art through a unique American camp experience.

Each summer, campers are changed by their time at camp in more ways than just their improved art abilities. In a safe and fun environment, campers learn self-respect and self-confidence, and forge friendships that will last a life time. Friendships that your child will grow to cherish and could utilize if they wish to come to America for study, work, or more.

29097_400686896910_729686910_4871401_7812052_n.jpgAnother aspect to consider is the college application process. Your child deserves some concrete experiences to distinguish him/her from their academic peers. Stateside Adventures accredited Art Camps act as a reference point for their experiences and can aid in their application processes.

Although art is the main emphasis of our camps there are a variety of other activities for our campers to enjoy. All instruction is conducted within an elective program, chosen by each camper individually. Out-of-camp trips are also chosen by the campers themselves. Campers may choose from a wide array of options such as bike trips, beach trips, rafting, arts fairs, hikes through state parks, ocean cruises, excursions to Freeport, Summer Stock theater performances and many more. Evening programs give campers a chance to showcase the thing things they learned as they perform and lead other campers to express themselves and share their amazing talents.

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