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Will my child be safe?

No place in the world is accident free, yet statistics show that summer camp is a far safer environment than home or school. The camps we partner with and send your children to are ALL ACA accredited camps, meaning they each have passed over 300 individual health, safety, and program quality standards.

Can I trust the supervision on camp?

Camp is a place where child development is of top priority. The camps we select for you are only featured if they have met our standards of program & staff quality. Camp Directors carefully scrutinize and hand pick each staff member based on their passion for working with kids and experience. Also, the Camps we select all have high Staff:Camper ratios which ensure program quality and care.

Will my child fit in socially?

Camp curriculums are typically design to teach socialization skills that help your child cope in the real world. Referring back to the topic of Staff and Supervision quality, Staff work hard to create a 'team' atmosphere for campers. Camp can really become a pivotal piece of a child's formation for life.

Will my child be happy?

Young children undoubtedly have relatively short attention spans. Camps provide a wide variety of activities that combat boredom and make it nearly impossible to dislike! Children are not only enjoying themselves, but learning and developing while doing it. Camps' locations provide an excellent setting for kids to learn about the world around them, and to learn about themselves without the daily pressures and influences of urban and suburban life.

I noticed the programs are all typically 4 weeks minimum, why?

Camp is a process as much as it is a commitment. Traditionally, campers would go for all 8 weeks, yet due to school schedules and other issues, the 4 week program was introduced many years ago. To truly receive and open up to all that Camp has to offer, 2 weeks or less is simply not enough. It's not just a program, its an addition to your life, and a family which you will enjoy for years to come.

America is SO far away, what about homesickness?

Nearly all children experience some homesickness their first time away from home. Keep in mind, that distance from home has very little relation to homesickness. Studies show that it takes around 4 to 5 days for a child to adjust to Camp. We have personally seen -time and time again- a child's transformation from reserved at the beginning, to not ever wanting to leave at the end.

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