Fees & Info

Thank you for your interest! We are ready and standing by to help get your son or daughter to America! When ready to proceed forward, please follow our easy step-by-step process to ensure their summer experience.

Step 1 - Camp Selection & Consultation

Register Interest Register online or call 6417 3809 to fill out a Stateside Adventures registration form.

Interview: A Stateside representative will call and schedule an interview. Interview will asses the interests and needs of the child and parents and will also conduct an English proficiency test to judge your child’s English speaking ability.

Camp Selection: We will give you a brochure of the camp we think best fits your needs and proceed from there.

Step 2 - Travel Preparation

Collect Application Fee: At time of interview we will confirm your interest in the selected camp by collecting the Application Fee for camp enrollment and registration (non refundable).

Travel Arrangements:We will allocate for you a departure date and time.

Visa preparation: Once we have collected the application fee we will direct you to our visa agent to begin training and preparing for your visa process.

Step 3 - Camp Preparation

Collect Outstanding Fees: Upon completion of Visa application we will collect remaining fees (Travel / Insurance / Visa and Camp fees).
(please note for international clients who already have visas, visa fees will be discounted.)

Pre- departure Camper Seminars:
Camp Culture training
Camp English training
Campership - Icebreaker, rituals

Stateside Gear: Stateside shirt, Stateside hat, Stateside water bottle

International Transfer: Once Visa is received, we will pay the camp via International Bank Transfer - In the event of Visa denial, Camp Fees will be refunded.

Login: Upon receiving payment we will issue login information to your Statesidecamp.com member profile, which allows you access to member forums and weekly camp updates of your child.

Step 4 - Getting You There

Gala Dinner: The day before your child's departure date, a Gala Dinner event will be held - Non-Beijing residents are encouraged to stay overnight at the Hotel location.

Escort: One of our Stateside Counselors will deliver your child to and from the camp.

Step 5 - Taking Care of Your Child

Chinese Accompaniment: We hire Chinese speaking counselors to work at EACH camp.

Camp DVD of your child’s summer experience

Online profile management: Updating your child’s online profile so you can see him/her every day at camp

Communication liaison: we are on call 24/7 to take care of your communication needs with our partner camps

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