Our Philosophy

our_philosophy.jpgCamp has a unique philosophy that has been the unsung backbone of American values for more than a century and a half. Traditional sleep away camps started as a place where people could just get away from the big cities and get back to nature, but as time passed they became one of those special places where people could learn to be human again.

At camps across the country, children learn to love, laugh, and have confidence in themselves. In these emotionally safe environments it is easy for a kid to be able to discover who they are and learn to believe in themselves and others. By taking them out of their comfort zone, and away from the technologies they have grown so dependent on, they are given the chance to grow like they never have before. In a new place free from the judgment and usual hierarchy of friends, children flourish. It’s amazing to see leaders appear from kids you would never have expected.

ourphilosophy2.jpgThe experiences gained at Camp will change your child forever- sharing these experiences will forge friendships to last a life time. We here at Stateside Adventures cherish these experiences in our own lives and are the men we are today because of them.
Each summer marks a new beginning, children come back every year having applied the skills they learned from the summer before and can’t wait to see old camp mates. As summer passes they learn new skills, conquer new challenges all together, or revisit old ones. Kids grow individually and they grow as a community.

Here at Stateside Adventures we believe Experience is Everything. At Camp anything is possible, help us help you discover it.

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