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Our role here at Stateside Adventures is two fold. More than anything, we are child-focused. As former teachers/counselors/campers ourselves we offer a very personal touch when helping you select a traditional camp suited to your child. From home visits to school presentations, or simply meeting a family for a "Tea & Camp Chat", we care about your needs and what's in the best interest for your child. Next, we are here for Camp Directors/Owners. Having perhaps never been to China, as you can imagine cultural needs are unique. We are here to help you connect with families and match you with the right campers according to your philosophies and aims. Furthermore, we also offer quality Chinese counselor/specialty staff for those looking for international staff.

Our mission is to offer children in China life changing programs that will undoubtedly challenge them, and nurture a sense of self-improvement. We feel the Traditional Camp is a safe and structured platform which can help a child grow and be better prepared to meet the opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead in life.

Having had personal experience at sleep-away Camp, we are eager to share this experience with China. We understand and acknowledge the developmental benefits camp brings to a child’s growth. Beyond an obvious English immersed environment which will cultivate language ability, camps also provide a bridge of maturity, which we at Stateside Adventures wish to be there while the child crosses it.


“Experience is Everything” is our motto, and time and time again, Traditional Camps have proven to be positive environments that nurture a child’s mental growth, social skills and self-confidence (Read more on Child Development).

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